Kess is an award winning creator from Melbourne, Australia.  He is also 6'8", which is more often than not the first thing you notice about him.  

Kess brings a long history of making content to the work he does, exemplifying resonant storytelling, bold visuals and endearingly human performances.  

Raised amid story tellers, fine art and high fashion, schooled in film, graphic design and advertising, Kess’ work embodies a unique blend of commercial and creative nous.  His love for the lyrical and magical informs an extensive background in content creation and narrative-based music videos, taking audiences out of their daily lives to places where reality bends to the unpredictability of fantasy.

Prior to his move to America, he worked with Oh Yeah Wow — one of Australia's leading content studios — where he created his award winning fashion film for Skodia and his ARIA nominated music video for Hermitude's Through The Roof and is now working with the likes of Yacht Club, The Wild Factory and Good Brother for commercials and content in the US.   He lives in Brooklyn with his 5’ girlfriend and two of the world's most vocal cats.