Another 5D feature. With Zombies. Don't baulk yet, though.

The 5D makes another film maker's dreams come true this week, with the new film The Battery.

Zombie movies are a dime a dozen and I have to admit I'm well and truly over them.  That said The Battery does look like a refreshing little change, pitched somewhere between an indie buddy road movie and an inky black comedy horror.  

They've released nearly 4 minutes of footage as an extended, very loose trailer with the ambitious notion of releasing the full feature by the end of this year.  With so many major films hyped early with tiny tasters to get appetites sopping whet, this first, rather large serving seems to me like a wasted opportunity.  Trimming down the fat, director Jeremy Gardner could have a really effective, moody and refreshing bit of buzz bait with a quarter of the running time.  What do you think?

It should be pointed out they made it for $6k.  Or shot it for 6.  Either way, goodonnem.