The end of the world cometh! At 500 frames per second!

The end of the world cometh! At 500 frames per second!






Last weekend we shot the new video for Harmless, and many of you turned up to be rugged and feral.  We were wowed and touched in equal measure by your generosity and inventive costuming.

Then, after you all left, we suffered a hideously rare technical malfunction and the last 1/4 of our data was lost!  See the remains of our take here.

We're using what was an untimely technical failure as an excuse to restage this video and make it BIGGER and BETTER than EVER before!  NEVER has CAPS and EXCLAMATION MARKS been more WARRANTED!

So, in the early evening of Saturday 2nd of July we're having a SECOND AND FINAL attempt at filming a music video for Melbourne ensemble Harmless and their new single 'Here's The Girl'.

Check out the song:

Utilising an awesome bit of kit — the Olympus i—SPEED research camera — we'll be pushing high speed scientific photography where it's never gone before: into the midst of the rioting, final vesitges of humanity.  All in one slow, hypnotic shot.

But we can't do it without you.  And you.  And you.

If you've always wanted to pretend like the world's ending, to get really angry about it, to shout and holler and throw things, to dress in your best apocalyptic dissenter threads (see the images below for wardrobe inspiration) and be caught in all your beautiful, grimy slo mo beauty, then you're invited to come join us.

Be you young and sprightly or old and crotchety, haggard and wiry or plump and fruity, you're all wanted.  This is about humanity at the brink of destruction, and that means everyone.

We'll be shooting Saturday 2nd July, from 5pm to 7.30pm, in Fairfield.  This is a volunteer based project for all of us, so we can't offer cash money and comfy trailers.  We can offer the chance to be part of something really rare and really cool. 

We appreciate that having you out 2 weekends in a row is a real ask, so to make it easier for you we're going to ply you with hot food and booze, to make your time with us as comfortable and as easy as possible.

Send your expressions of interest to:

See you all then for a celebration of making it bigger and better than before, and on behalf of the band, thank you.  We wouldn't wanna have anyone else with us at the world's end.  Again.

Kess Broekman-Dattner